Will your book become a bestseller? Take the Quiz

Will your book become a bestseller? Does your book have what it takes? Or perhaps the question is “do you have what it takes?”

I’ve thought long and hard about what’s required to produce a sustained bestselling book and reap the rewards that go along with that status. You know… paid speaking gigs, a large engaged following, high-end clients, and making a global impact.

After years of analyzing the successes (and failures) of my mentors, private clients, and students I’ve distilled it down to three things.

I call it the Bestseller Framework and I explain it in this video.

Will your book become a bestseller?

After watching the video I invite you to take my “Bestseller Indicator Assessment”. Just answer a few multiple choice questions about your book (whether it’s published yet or not) to see what your potential is to become a #1 bestselling author. It’s fun and informative.

After you take the quiz, I’d love for you to post your scores in the comments below so I can give you my personal feedback.

After you’ve taken the quiz and have read the assessment based on your score then you’ll have a good indication of your chances for bestseller success. The maximum you can score is 90 points.

If your score is 15–29, sadly a bestseller is improbable. If you scored 30–44 then a short-term bestseller is possible with help. A short-term bestseller is likely if you score between 45 and 59. A #1 bestseller is highly likely if your results are in the 60–74 range. And if you scored 75–90 a #1 sustained bestseller is guaranteed along with exponential business growth.

For ideas on how you can increase your score (and become a bestseller with certainty) download my bestselling eBook 5 Things Every First-time Author Needs to Know or order it on Amazon.


Geoff Affleck

Geoff Affleck is a 5-time #1 bestselling author and creator and facilitator for the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp for aspiring self-help authors.

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