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Are You Sabotaging Your Amazon Book Sales Without Realizing It?

With Just a Few Simple Tweaks You Can Elevate Your Book's Visibility, Increase Your Best Seller Rank, and Earn More Royalties.

Geoff Affleck author and online marketing expert

Geoff Affleck, #1 Bestselling author and Self-Publishing Consultant

It's easy to publish your book on Amazon - millions of authors have done it. But publishing it STRATEGICALLY is something that most authors (and publishers) overlook.

Many factors that influence your book sales. They include the popularity of the genre, the title of the book, the cover design, your Amazon description, the Amazon keywords and category selections, the number and quality of editorial reviews and reader reviews, the book's price, and more.

Most authors do their best but unfortunately, in a highly competitive marketplace like Amazon, this is usually not enough. It's easy to sabotage your own success without even realizing it.

It's easy for your book to slip in the rankings and for sales to plummet. So what can you do?

The good news is that there is a system that ensures that your book will receive maximum visibility on Amazon. And even better news is that it's easy to learn. After years of studying and honing this system it is now available to you.

It's called the Amazon Bootcamp.

Amazon Bootcamp


Amazon Bootcamp helps authors of ALL GENRES to improve their listing and sell more books...

Pretense John Di Frances


Family is Not Everything


How to Be Your Own Bodyguard1


Wierd & Wacky Creatures


This Does Not Leave This House


Network Marketing



Amazon Bootcamp

Course Overview

meet geoff Affleck

Over the past decade Geoff has helped thousands of authors to create and publish their books, build their platforms, and reach more readers.

He is the co-author of six #1 bestsellers including Enlightened Bestseller: 7 Keys to a Successful Self-Help Book and 5 Things Every First-Time Author Needs to Know.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, he moved to Canada to be a ski instructor and later got an MBA in Marketing. He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife and young daughter where he enjoys sailing and skiing.

Geoff-Affleck 5x7

Amazon Bootcamp is a unique combination of recorded instructional videos and personal feedback.

=> Four highly detailed, step-by-step instructional online training videos (unlimited lifetime access)

=> Videos, templates, tools, and resources (unlimited lifetime access)

=> Geoff will provide a significant amount of personal consulting for each participant via the live sessions and email



We'll begin by looking at the presentation of your book through they eyes of a potential readers to ensure that your title, cover and product is attractive and compelling; and that readers will want to share your book with others.

Module 1 Takeaways:

  • Review and refine your title & sub-title if necessary
  • Ensure that you have an eye-popping cover design
  • Evaluate and improve your book's interior design 
  • Plan and execute a simple strategy that converts readers into email subscribers



In Module 2 you'll learn how to use Amazon's Author Central features to entice potential readers to order your book. 

Module 2 Takeaways:

  • Craft a compelling Amazon book description that effectively sells your book
  • Gather Editorial Reviews and format them for maximum impact
  • Leverage all the features available to you on Author Central to covert browsers into buyers!



In Module 3 we'll carefully uncover the best Amazon keywords and categories for your book. This crucial step will ensure that your book is found more often and ranks highly on multiple Amazon bestseller lists.

Module 3 Takeaways:

  • Find 7 popular, low-competition Amazon Keywords for your book
  • Identify 10 strategic Amazon Browse Categories for your book - this will book your ranking right away
  • Know how to use Author Central's "back door" to put your book in up to 10 Kindle store and 10 Book store categories



With your Amazon makeover complete you're now ready to re-launch your book.

Module 4 Takeaways:

  • Know how to set the optimal price for your Kindle book and paperback
  • Set up two price promotions that will result in thousands of new readers
  • Set up, monitor, and modify an Amazon Ads campaign for profitable long-term sales
Amazon Bootcamp


"Just wanted to thank you and let you know that after taking your program and following your advice, my Kindle book, Healing Family Patterns hit the Amazon Best Seller list in the 3 categories in which it was listed. Thanks for the great training."

Ariann Thomas

Ariann Thomas

Author of Healing Family Patterns andChanging Our Genetic Heritage

"When I came to Geoff my book was already edited and formatted to be published. What I needed was how to get my book marketing-ready, getting the most promising listing on Amazon. Geoff turned out to be just the guy to fix me up. Following his instructions and tips got my book to #1 Amazon Best Seller Ranking in three categories within 12 hours after public launching. Good job, Geoff!

John A. Williams Teamwork on Fire

John A. Williams, M.Sc.

Leadership Consultant and #1 bestselling author of Team Performance on Fire

"I realized optimizing your book profile is critical to selling your book, so I decided to sign up for Geoff's Amazon Bootcamp even though I thought I knew a lot about it. Most people spend a year writing their book, throw up some book description, make a book cover they designed themselves, and wonder why their book doesn't sell. Geoff gave me all the tools I needed to be successful with my latest book marketing and achieve a 50K sales rank with a #1 ranking in my category with very little effort. Using what Geoff taught me gave me the confidence to know I was giving my book the best chance for success following a complete process. I highly recommend the Amazon Bootcamp as the last course you will need to take for Amazon optimization of your books."

Jack Merrin

Jack Merrin, Ph.D.

#1 Bestselling author of Cryptograms: 200 Large Print Cryptogram Puzzles of Inspiration, Motivation, and Wisdom

"Geoff Affleck delivers! His Bootcamp offers comprehensive, step-by-step instruction. The online course material is presented in a variety of formats that make it easy to understand regardless of your learning style. Each module is interactive. Support on your specific questions is only a click away and tracking your progress is easy. Geoff s weekly group calls and FaceBook group offer a supportive community and a place to share ideas and feedback. Geoff offers exceptional value. He is passionately committed to his students success and always open to feedback. A five-star investment."

Kathryn Johnson author

Kathryn Johnson

Inspirational speaker and #1 bestselling author of The Joy of Obstacles

"I consulted with Geoff Affleck on the launch of my book, The Corporate Phoenix. As a first-time author I soon discovered that there were so many details to attend to: the cover, interior design, keywords, categories, pricing, promotions, reviews, landing page, bonuses, and much more. Thankfully, Geoff's personalized attention, astute eye for detail, and his cutting edge marketing and self publishing industry knowledge were instrumental in a successful launch. Geoff elevated my book from an amateurish look and feel to a professionally published standard that I am immensely proud of. I received more than 1,200 orders for my book and it reached #1 in multiple Amazon Business & Money categories. If you are about to launch your book I highly recommend having a conversation with Geoff first!"

Tony Pisanelli

Tony Pisanelli

Author of The Corporate Phoenix

"Geoff Affleck's Amazon Bootcamp for authors is practical, helpful and well organized. It helped me tweak my book's information to be more targeted and reader-friendly. Geoff's direction on how to find and use strategic keywords and book categories improved my selections, and his marketing suggestions showed me new ways to optimize Amazon's marketing techniques to increase sales long-term. Very beneficial!"

Sheryl Stradling

Sheryl Stradling

Author of Faith, Power, Joy

"Writers write but we are not good at finding the right keywords or categories to rise our work up in the Amazon ranks or sell our books. That process is far more complicated and detailed than I realized and far more important. Geoff knew how to ferret out and plug it in just the right words, phrases, and categories to quickly get my book, The Passion Principle up in the Amazon ranks to get great reviews and a good start in sales. If you’re looking for a practiced professional who knows how to do it and quick and doing it, I highly recommend Geoff Affleck. You couldn’t do better."

Bruce Hutchison, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist and author of The Passion Principle

"It was an excellent educational and motivational course. As a published author I was not sure that I wanted to take the time to do a full course. But it proved to be perfect fit to help me relaunch my book and look toward the next one. I appreciate Geoff's action-oriented presentation style which helped me get things done. The course, in my opinion, was at an appropriate process depth and offered some new quality author’s tools which I will continue to use. Geoff's professional interactions made the training valuable beyond my expectations. I highly recommend the course to both published authors and those about to take that step forward."

Richard Mowrey

Richard Mowrey

Author of When is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

"​Geoff's guidance was invaluable in helping me update my cover, book description and especially in selecting keywords and categories. I'm now ranking consistently in the top 10 in several different categories. This has led to increased sales, which paid for Geoff's services in just a few months."

Edwin Harkness Spina

Award-winning author of Mystic Warrior and Mystic Secrets Revealed

"I signed up for Geoff's Bootcamp thinking it would be an ordinary how-to course. NO! I was blown away with the accurate, expert, and professional content, right down to the bonus resources that Geoff provides. Having designed training for a 10 billion dollar corporation in my previous career, I know what great training looks like. This is it. No matter where you are on the author curve, whether it's beginning to write, or trying to publish, or being published and wondering how to promote your book, this course will offer invaluable nuggets of information at every stage. I guarantee your return on investment will be high—mine is. Get more people to buy, read, and love your book with Amazon Bootcamp."

Dr Lisa Turner author

Dr. Lisa Turner

#1 bestselling author of House Keys and Dream Take Flight.

Amazon Bootcamp


BONUS 1 ($600 value)

Four LIVE Q&A Sessions with Geoff

You'll join Geoff for four group coaching calls on Zoom to help you optimize your Amazon listing. These calls will be recorded and posted for future reference. In these small group sessions Geoff will be 'workshopping' participant's books and everyone gets their questions answered personally.


BONUS 2 ($100 value)

Amazon Scorecard 

Geoff will personally review your Amazon book page and give you an honest 20-point scorecard which will tell you in which areas you are doing well and where you can improve the effectiveness of your book's page. You'll see where your book rates on a scale of 0-100!

BONUS 3 ($1,000+ value)
Introductions to Designers, Formatters, and Editors

Save hundreds of dollars with access to Geoff's "Rolodex" of  trusted suppliers—cover designer, interior formatter, editor, and proofreader—to help you improve your book OR prepare your next book for publishing at and highly affordable rates. For example:
- eBook formatting from only $0.25/page
- print book interior design from just $0.55/page
- full professional cover redesign from $20

Bestseller Bootcamp Basics

BONUS 4 ($197 value)
Bestseller Bootcamp Online Course

Lifetime access to Geoff's Bestseller Bootcamp training for non-fiction authors. This course takes you step by step through the process of planning, writing, publishing, and launching a bestselling book.

BONUS 5 ($197 value)
Book Marketing Experts Summit

Learn how to sell more books and build your author platform with wisdom from 12 bestselling authors and book coaches including Derek Doepker, Adam Houge, Debbie Drum, Dave Chesson, Alinka Rutkowska and John Tighe. You'll receive lifetime access to these recordings with your purchase of Amazon Bootcamp.

Amazon Bootcamp


Nick Hughes FB #1
Merryl Hammond email #1 Amazon

Case Study: House Keys

 #1 in two Categories


  • Amazon Best Seller Rank: #313,934
  • #210 in Buying & Selling Homes
  • Only listed in two Kindle categories

AFTER (2 days later)

  • Amazon Best Seller Rank: #67,346
  • #1 in Energy Efficiency, #1 in Roofing
  • Listed in 10 Kindle categories
House Keys after

"I attended one of Geoff’s webinars on how to publish a book and move it to bestseller status on Amazon. I was blown away by the usefulness of the training content and Geoff’s expertise. I immediately signed up for a makeover on my second book. In the space of one day the book hit #2, and the next day it was #1 in more than one category. Having someone with this level of start to finish publishing savvy and the technical expertise in marketing strategy and execution is simply revolutionary. I am honored to be working with Geoff, and won’t look anywhere else for my next book launch."

Dr. Lisa Turner#1 Bestselling author of House Keys: The Essential Homeowner’s Guide

Amazon Bootcamp

registration details

Choose ONE of the OPTIONS below...


Hire Geoff to do it for you



  • Recommendations to improve your title, cover, and interior design  
  • Done for you copywriting for your book description
  • Done for you keyword recommendations
  • Done for you category recommendations
  • Optimize your Author Central listing
  • Done for you Amazon Ads campaign
  • Access to the entire Amazon Bootcamp course and 4 weekly Q&A Calls

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen

Simple, fast and effective flexible move



  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • Max 15 team members
  • Superfast wifi
  • Free Kitchen
Amazon Bootcamp

30-Day Results Guarantee If you implement the system that Geoff teaches and your book sales or ranking doesn't increase within 30 days then Geoff will work with you at no charge until your sales increase or you can have your course fee refunded.


This training could pay for itself in a month or two!*
What if you could sell just ONE more eBook and one more paperback each month?
- 70% Royalty on $2.99 eBook = $2.05 x 30 days = $61.50
- Royalty on $14.99 200-page paperback = $5.75 x 30 days = $172.50
- Total Royalty = $234/month = $2,808/year

* Example only. No income claims are being made here. Results will vary.

Case Study: Glimpses of God's Heart

3,248 downloads & #1 in 10 Categories

In Gwen's own words...

"I published Glimpses of God’s Heart on Amazon in December 2017. It was launched in such a way that it attained an initial flurry of sales and International Bestseller status. Then sales plummeted as did my euphoria. What to do?In early 2018, I decided to hire Geoff to help me with the book marketing challenge. Here's what we have done:

  • Chose a better subtitle
  • Created a new front cover.
  • Wrote new copy for the back cover 
  • Reformatted the book interior
  • Created an Author Central page and uploaded my editorial reviews.
  • Created a new book description for Amazon
  • Found better keywords and categories for the book.
  • Created a marketing strategy including a one sheet, a newsletter, a mini eBook as an opt-in to my email list, free book promotion, and Amazon Ads
  • Ran a free book campaign, garnering 3,248 downloads of the Kindle book bestseller status in free books in all ten categories.
  • Currently running Amazon ads

"My choice to hire Geoff was the wisest decision I have made in my short career as an author. Literally every encounter with Geoff is empowering. He has skillfully and patiently guided me through every challenge along the way. I am proud of my presence, and my book’s presence, on Amazon."

—Gwen Wellington#1 Bestselling author of Glimpses of God's Heart 


Geoff takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to become a bestselling author. 

Debra Poneman

Debra Poneman

Motivational speaker, co-founder of Your Year of Miracles & bestselling author.


Thanks to his expertise and guidance, this niche market book reached #1 in six Amazon categories and remained a #1 New Release for a month after its release!

Jennifer Hawthorne

Jennifer Read Hawthorne

#1 New York Times bestselling author of four books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series.


I highly recommend working with Geoff! Through his guidance I launched a #1 book in four different Amazon sub-categories! He's knowledgeable and generous with his time and out of the box thinking.

Brandon Peele

Brandon Peele

#1 bestselling author of Planet on Purpose and The Purpose Field Guide.


“Getting my paperback, The Everything Book published on Amazon was a breeze thanks to Geoff Affleck. I am so happy with the results!"


Arielle Ford

#1 bestselling author of The SoulMate Secret.


My book became an Amazon #1 Bestseller in my first week after it was released. I didn’t realize how much fun it would be and how good it would feel to become #1!


Dr Andrew Sokolsky

#1 Bestselling author of The Best Lover, Ever.


One of the best marketing coaches in the business. Having worked closely with Geoff for several years, I can attest to his commitment to the success of his clients.

Marci Shimoff

Marci Shimoff

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Woman's Soul and Happy for No Reason.

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