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The AuthorPreneur Publishing team, led by Geoff Affleck, guides self-published fiction and non-fiction authors to produce, publish, and promote their books.

Ready to self-publish your book?  We help you professionally produce, publish, and launch your book.

Want to reach more readers? Benefit from our expertise to give your book more exposure and sales with Amazon Ads.

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Boutique Self-Publishing & Guaranteed Bestseller

A personalized program for new authors who want to self-publish their book
  • Full-service self-publishing 
  • Guaranteed Amazon bestseller
  • Retain full control of your work
  • Keep 100% of royalties

Amazon Product Page Optimization

We apply proven Amazon marketing techniques to help you reach more readers
  • Improve ROI on your book marketing
  • Measurable results
  • Done-for-you service
  • All-inclusive packages


500+ AUtHORS

Since 2017, our expertise and tailored programs have helped 1,200+ self-published authors to reach more readers and increase royalties.

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We are passionate about helping authors spread their message and love it when our clients share their success.

Praise for Boutique Self-Publishing & Guaranteed Bestseller

Amazon #1 bestseller in 8 categories. Our weekly meetings were always so encouraging and forward focused, leading to an amazing outcome. Your expertise was such a welcome landing place for me.

Dr. Connie McReynolds, #1 bestselling author of Solving the ADHD Riddle

For a reasonable fee he got my book typeset in three versions, created a great cover design, referred me to an excellent proofreader, listed my book on Amazon, and got my book to #1 bestseller status on Amazon in 8 categories.

Darren Starwynn, #1 bestselling author of Awakening the Avatar Within

Beginners need an exceptional coach, and there is no one better than Geoff Affleck. He'll guide you through the complex weave of getting your book ready for publication and recommend the keys to optimize sales.

Stan Comforti, #1 bestselling author of the Sam Caviello Federal Agent Crime Mystery series

Stan Comforti author

As a first time author, there's a lot to understand, and it can be easy at times to feel overwhelmed. Geoff dealt with lots of hard stuff so I didn't have to, and helped me out constantly in a no-stress, no-fuss way. 

Barb Grant, #1 bestselling author of Change Management that Sticks

Praise for Amazon Ads Management Services

I saw an immediate improvement in my ad performance as a result, with an increase in sales and KENP reads. My profit has increased, compared to when I was trying to run my own ads. I would definitely recommend working with AuthorPreneur Publishing.

Elle Nicoll, #1 bestselling author of The Men series - Interconnected Standalone Romances

“I had been running Amazon Ads with little to no success for two and a half years. Since Geoff’s team took over, my books have sold much better on Amazon. Best of all, I have been able to concentrate on writing. I highly recommend Geoff’s Amazon Ads Management service.

Charles Cutter, #1 bestselling author of the Burr Lafayette Mystery series

Charles Cutter author

I’ve been working with him for three months and just came off one of my biggest book sales months ever. Geoff has made suggestions on my book covers, page blurbs, and more, which I implemented. I am very pleased and can’t wait to see what happens as we continue.

Nina Porter, #1 bestselling author of Supersized Puzzles for Challenged Eyes (24-book series)

I'd run ads in the past but I didn't really know how to manage or optimize them. Book sales dropped. When Geoff's team picked up the management of the ads, results were great and even increased the organic sales of my other books that weren't being advertised.

Helen Haraldsen, bestselling author of the Amber's Pony Tales series

5 Things Every First Time Author Needs to Know

5 Things Every First-time Author Needs to Know