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A bestselling book is the ultimate way to reach more people with your message, build a following, and get paid what you deserve for your knowledge...

...and it can be complicated and frustrating to figure out on your own.

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Your Transformational Message
+ My Step-by-Step System
= Your Success!

More than 100 #1 bestselling authors

More than $3M in revenue for my clients

More than 250,000 new email subscribers for my clients

eBook Bestseller Bootcamp

eBook Bestseller Bootcamp is my totally affordable step-by-step interactive online training program that shows you exactly how to write, publish and launch your first non-fiction book and take it to #1 on Amazon.


Private Consulting & Done For You Services

  • Coaching & Consulting
  • Bestseller campaigns
  • Marketing funnels
  • Product launches
  • Websites and landing pages
  • eBook creation and launch
  • Infusionsoft implementation

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I've guided my clients to publish #1 bestselling books, build 6-figure email lists, profit from online launches, and reach thousands with their messages.

Let me help you get your book to #1 so you can make an impact and build a business around your message.


How it Works


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Follow my step-by-step system to write and publish your book and build your author platform.


Become a bestselling author, impact people's lives and make money doing what you love!

Some of the Bestselling Books I've Helped Create and Launch

10 Ways to Build Your Author Platform

Free Resource for Self-Help Authors

10 Ways to Build Your Author Platform

Want to Be a Successful Transformational Author?

I've identified 10 practical ways to grow your email list and build your following—something that every author needs to do. A bigger platform will help you to:

- Reach more people with your message

- Get more speaking & publicity

- Attract publishers

- Create profitable relationships with marketing partners

- Sell more books

- Build a profitable business

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