Boutique Self-Publishing

Boutique Self-Publishing & Guaranteed Bestseller Package

A "Done-with-You" Self-Publishing & Guaranteed Amazon Bestseller Launch Package

You are passionate about sharing your message, experience or story. We are passionate about helping you achieve that. Our Boutique Self-Publishing & Guaranteed Bestseller service guides you every step of the way from production to publishing to bestseller status.

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Our Boutique Self-Publishing Service has 5 stages

We guide you every step of the way...



Our philosophy is that every aspect of your book, every decision that you make from the title to the book launch must be reader-centric. This ensures that your book is discovered, purchased, read, and reviewed by as many potential readers as possible. 

  • Define your audience or book topic
  • Refine your title and subtitle for maximum Amazon exposure
  • Evaluate your manuscript
  • Help you understand the self-publishing process
  • Connect you with a professional editor and/or proofreader (editor's fees are additional)


We project manage every aspect of your book's production including:

  • Coordinate and advise on your cover design (cover designer's fee is included)
  • Optimize your back cover text and layout
  • Guide you to gather endorsements for your book
  • Prepare your copyright page
  • Advise you on how to obtain ISBNs (fee to buy ISBNs vary based on your country)
  • Register your ISBNs in your ISBN account
  • Typeset for your print manuscript (typesetter's fee is included)
  • Format for your eBook (formatter's fee is included)
  • Advise you on how to produce and audiobook version (if desired)


AuthorPreneur Publishing handles all the technical details required to professionally publish your book:

  • Publish your paperback and eBook on Amazon worldwide
  • Publish your audiobook (if applicable)
  • Publish with IngramSpark for global distribution to other online retailers, bookstores, and libraries
  • Optimize, format, and upload your book description
  • Research and recommend the best Amazon categories and Book Industry Standards classifications
  • Research and recommend the best Amazon keywords
  • Connect the book to your Amazon Author page
  • Format and upload Editorial Reviews
  • Pricing strategy recommendations


Together we launch your book including:

  • A written plan to launch your book
  • Advice for your website's book launch page content
  • Help you build an email list and author platform
  • Generate and publish Amazon A+ graphics to promote your book
  • Amazon bestseller campaign blueprint
  • I will personally promote your book to my email list
  • Set up Amazon Ads campaigns
  • Track your book launch results
  • Guaranteed #1 Amazon bestseller (non-fiction)
  • Guaranteed Top 100 Amazon bestseller (fiction)


After your bestseller has launched we continue to support you*

  • Monthly 1-1 Zoom calls
  • Weekly group Q&A calls
  • Ongoing Amazon Ads management
  • Book marketing advice and support

* An additional monthly fee of $197 applies for post-launch support

Praise from our Clients

teZa Lord
The Bridge Tender #1 Amazon

“A number one bestseller right out of the gate

"All the mystery, pain and confusion got addressed and remedied when I decided to use Geoff Affleck's publishing and marketing services for my most recent novel The Bridge Tender. Geoff's 1-on-1 approach turned my questions into stepping stones leading to creating superior products (eBook, paperback, and audiobook) and a successful launch. Any serious author will be pleased with the before, after, and during book-making and marketing skills Geoff and his talented team offer. Now I'm using his Ad services to market all five of my books and what a difference!"

TEZA LORD  |  Bestselling author of The Bridge Tender

Lorraine Johnston author
Writing Fiction with ChatGPT: How to Use A.I. Prompts to Write a Better Novel Faster Kindle Edition
by Lorraine Johnston

“We didn’t just publish; we hit bestseller status and maintained it”

"If you are a new author embarking on the publishing journey, you need Geoff Affleck in your corner. His comprehensive support through every step of the publishing process—from cover design to typesetting, and from devising marketing strategies to planning launch dates—is exceptional. Geoff's calm and supportive guidance made sure the process towards my book’s release, and beyond was both smooth and enjoyable. With Geoff at the helm, we didn’t just publish; we hit bestseller status and maintained it, a testament to his effective strategies. He has access to top-notch professionals who took a raw manuscript and converted it into a book that is visually appealing inside and out. Collaborating with Geoff was a defining moment in my writing career, and I look forward to our continued partnership on my upcoming books."

LORRAINE JOHNSTON  |  #1 bestselling author of Writing Fiction with ChatGPT

Jason Calabrese author

“A number one bestseller right out of the gate

"As a first time author I can say without hesitation that Geoff's Affleck's support and guidance was truly invaluable in not only making my dream of publishing a book come true, but also in making it a number one bestseller right out of the gate. Simply stated, without Geoff's expert help in completing all the things necessary to put the finishing touches on the book, I would still be talking about wanting to complete my book instead of telling people where they can get a copy of it. Geoff is friendly and professional which made him a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Geoff to anyone serious about completing their book and hoping for a successful launch."

JASON CALABRESE  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Boost Your Basketball IQ

“Amazon #1 bestseller in 8 categories”

"Reaching this goal was possible due to the dedicated efforts of Geoff Affleck who stepped in when another publishing company was unable to deliver. Geoff guided the publication process with ease and grace. My entire experience with him was pleasant as he provided support and guidance every step of the way. I was so grateful for his assistance that brought my book to such a fantastic level on Amazon. Our weekly meetings were always so encouraging and forward focused, leading to an amazing outcome. Thank you for the support. Your expertise was such a welcome landing place for me."

CONNIE MCREYNOLDS  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Solving the ADHD Riddle

Such a positive experience

"Geoff is wonderful to work with. I have had such a positive experience working with Geoff on self-publishing my book Stand In Your Brilliance. In fact, my book reached #1 on Amazon on the first day of my book launch. Geoff is incredibly knowledgeable about self-publishing and especially when self-publishing on Amazon. He is also very patient and understanding. He has been an invaluable part of my support team with publishing my book."

KATHY KWIATKOWSKI  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Stand in Your Brilliance

“Amazon #1 bestseller in 4 categories

"Geoff helped me to get my first book finalised and launched on Amazon, to #1 bestseller status in 4 categories. I chose Geoff, because I thought he was calm, supportive and knows his stuff. I wasn't disappointed. Our weekly coaching calls were an absolute pleasure. Geoff has a great way of giving feedback in a non-judgey supportive way, and keeping you on the path without being pushy about it. Geoff was very particular about the title and sub-title, the back cover content and overall design, which I really appreciated. It's these things that make the difference between getting the book just published, and getting it to number one. Geoff particularly shines at keyword research and selecting categories, plus running the ongoing Amazon ads (you can tell he genuinely loves this stuff, which is great, because I sincerely don't!). As a first time author, there's a lot to understand, and it can be easy at times to feel overwhelmed. Geoff dealt with lots of hard stuff so I didn't have to, and helped me out constantly in a no-stress, no-fuss way. He helped me secure a great editor, and type-setter, and generally dealt with all the stuff that would have derailed me, if I hadn't had Geoff in my corner. I couldn't have had a better experience than I did. Definitely picked a winner here! I look forward to working with Geoff ongoing on the next 3 books I have planned."

BARB GRANT  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Change Management that Sticks

Ann Yabusaki Letters from a Tiger Mom

Cheerleader, teacher, coach and much more!

"Geoff was an extremely patient teacher and coach, explaining and educating me throughout the entire process of writing and marketing my book. Through his knowledge of self-publishing, my book ranked as #1 bestseller in three categories on the Amazon best seller list. He is a wizard at what he does and taught me so much about the industry! Geoff captured the heart of my book, wrapped it in a marketing plan, and launched it to the top of the bestseller lists. He promises bestseller listings and indeed, he is a man of his word! Thank you, Geoff. I’ll be back on my next writing project."

ANN YABUSAKI  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Letters From a Tiger Mom

Lucy Turner author
9 Wonder Words Lucy Turner #1 Amazon

“I wish every indie author would give themselves the gift of Geoff’s coaching.”

Don’t go it alone! Any author that’s talented and committed enough to write a book can definitely figure it all out themselves – but why would you? Working with Geoff made the final stages of my book launch journey easier and more enjoyable. He is able to draw on rich expertise and experience to support authors to know their choices, make good decisions, and simply know what to do next. This kind of clarity and companionship was a relief to me, and I feel grateful to have discovered his services, let alone benefited from them. I wish every indie author would give themselves the gift of Geoff’s coaching. After writing a book, you deserve it.

LUCY TURNER  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of 9 Wonder Words

Stan Comforti author

As a new author, I couldn't have done it without his expertise.

"Beginners need an exceptional coach, and there is no one better than Geoff Affleck. He'll guide you through the complex weave of getting your book ready for publication and recommend the keys to optimize sales. Any new author planning to self-publish their first book will miss many of the essential, innate steps to successfully publish their book and have readers buy it. Once written, there are many steps to learn and accomplish to get a book ready for publication. Some examples include designing an eye-catching book cover, formatting the interior professionally, getting endorsements for the back cover, and choosing keywords proven to help attract readers in the book's genre.

Geoff is a teacher, a mentor, and a winning coach. As a new author, I couldn't have done it without his expertise. Geoff is the best, and I highly recommend him for new authors to guide them through perfecting their book on Amazon's book marketplace, attracting readers, and optimizing sales and readership."

STAN COMFORTI  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of the Sam Caviello Federal Agent Crime Mystery series

Save yourself the headaches, stress, and procrastination.”

As a first-time author, I would not have gotten my book to this level had it not been for Geoff Affleck! Geoff goes above and beyond with his services and guides you through the entire publishing process (and all the steps you never knew existed!) – working with the editor, book cover design, formatting, e-book, audio book, testimonials, getting your ISBN’s, Amazon reviews, keyword searches, strategic ads, plus all of his expert one-on-one coaching. He got my book out in three formats, on many platforms, and also moved me up to be an Amazon Best Seller. Save yourself the headaches, stress, and procrastination and work with Geoff. Your experience and outcome will be rewarding!

FREYA STROM  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of So You Married a Narcissist

Went beyond the call of duty... highly recommended to aspiring authors

"I engaged Geoff Affleck to assist me in self-publishing my latest book Awakening the Avatar Within in spring of 2021, and now in October the book is launched and published in four versions - paperback, e-book, hardcover with color pictures and audiobook. I have been very happy with Geoff's service and support. For a single reasonable fee he got my book typeset in three versions, hired a highly skilled artist to create a great cover design, referred me to an excellent proofreader, listed my book on Amazon with optimized parameters, ran a successful campaign to get my book to #1 bestseller status on Amazon in 8 categories, set up Amazon ads and more. His service has included weekly live, one to one coaching sessions with me over the last four months, and those have been super helpful. Geoff also went beyond the call of duty and helped me connect with several luminaries in my genre with whom I have exchanged endorsements.

Geoff has always been responsive, helpful and very knowledgeable about his craft. He has a strong perfectionism streak, and I appreciate that he has done everything he could for all aspects of my book to be perfect. I highly recommend Geoff's service to aspiring authors wishing to get solid support self-publishing their book."

DARREN STARWYNN  |  #1 bestselling author of Awakening the Avatar Within

Five stars! Felt like I had a true partner guiding me through the complex self-publishing labyrinth.”

"Back in 2018, I self-published a memoir about living with bipolar disorder (Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country). I didn’t have any external assistance with that, so had to learn everything on my own. To say that the process was a nightmare is a massive understatement. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. So, with this bipolar anthology, I decided to invest in a professional publishing coach, and based on previous experience of Geoff in free webinars, I chose him to help me “deliver this precious baby”! Best decision of my career.

Working with 42 individual contributors at times felt overwhelming to me as the editor. I remember in one session I told Geoff, “I feel like I’ve been running a marathon for two-and-a-half years, and now I can see the finish line just ahead, but all I want to do is lie down and give up.” He nodded and humbly asked, “What can I do to help?” It turned out to be some technical issue with either Amazon Author Central or KDP Customer Service that was heavily weighing on me. With a couple of quick clicks, he went online, fixed the issue, and said, “Right, what’s next on your list?” I was so relieved! I felt like I had a true partner guiding me through the complex self-publishing labyrinth! I’ve recommended Geoff to all my writer colleagues, and have already given him a heads-up that I’ll be contacting him for my next self-publishing project. Five stars!"

MERRYL HAMMOND, PhD  |  #1 bestselling author of Navigating Bipolar Country and Travels in Bipolar Country

I used my intuition to go with Geoff

"When I was writing Divine Trust I had to make many decisions as to how to go about publishing it. I checked around and investigated many different options, but I had a friend suggest that I use Geoff Affleck’s program to self-publish my book. I used my intuition to go with Geoff. What I like most about what Geoff had to offer was his personalized attention tailored specifically for me and the self-help and spiritual genre, for which my book addressed. Geoff was with me every step of the way. He handled almost everything himself and really knows the business. He made the publishing as easy as possible and guided me through every single step flawlessly. Now that my book is published and also in audible format, I am continuing to work with Geoff to assist with the marketing campaign. I already have my next book outline and I am planning on working with Geoff again to self-publish my second book. I highly recommend him to all my friends and colleagues who ask me about my publishing experience."

DR. NANCY WILEY  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Divine Trust

Geoff continually went above and beyond with his attention to detail and support

"I knew from our first zoom discovery call that I wanted to work with Geoff. His calm and grounded demeanor was reassuring at a time when I felt intimidated by the entire book creation process. Over the seven months that followed he embodied a seemingly endless supply of encouragement and patience. He held my hand as we traversed the multiple production phases including cover and back cover creation, interior design, my book’s landing page, the launch, and much more. I discovered that he is not only an expert in the marketing end of things, but has a seasoned creative eye that I leaned on while making the many design decisions for all aspects of my book. He continually went above and beyond with his attention to detail and support.

With his book launch campaign, Widow's Moon reached #1 Bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories. I couldn’t have done that without his tried and true strategies. If you are searching for someone who is dedicated to helping you birth your book into the world I would highly recommend Geoff! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and I will be forever grateful!" 

CARA HOPE CLARK  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling and award winning author of Widow’s Moon

David Kyle

Guided by Geoff to create the best book possible

"My experience publishing two books with Geoff Affleck has been remarkable. I have had the experience working with several in house publishers on previous books and working with Geoff and his team has been the best experience I've ever had. From cover design to editing to text and book design each step permitted me to be involved, make decisions and be guided by Geoff to create the best book possible. What was always challenging with previous published books was the marketing and sales. Again, Geoff has a core of collaborators that provide many ways to increase sales, but most importantly is Geoff’s ability to optimize sales on Amazon. I am grateful for Geoff’s consultative approach to self-publishing because it feels like you are inside a very efficient publishing firm that is guiding you to have the best, most successful book out into the world."

DAVID KYLE  |  #1 bestselling author of Energy Teachings of The Three

Dr Jacqueline Chan
Regenerate Your Brain book

Practical like your Apple guy at the Genius Bar

"Writing a book is a daunting endeavor and can be a large financial investment upfront. Geoff Affleck's Boutique Self-publishing service have been irreplaceable. Not only is working with Geoff very cost effective, Geoff knows the business inside and out. He's as cunning and quick as a fox, yet encouraging like a coach, and practical like your Apple guy at the Genius Bar. He is the "wheels" to your cart, without which nothing would move forward. Geoff goes above and beyond to help you "figure out your book launch". He has a fabulous array of connections and contacts. You really glean from a treasure chest of knowledge when you choose to work with Geoff and if you're like me you may feel - you've found gold. It is without hesitation that I recommend Geoff Affleck for anyone grappling with the calling to write a book."

DR. JACQUELINE CHAN, D.O., M.I.M  |  First-time author &  bestselling author of Regenerate Your Brain

George Marino Beyond Balancing the Books

Highly recommend his services!

"Working with Geoff has been a joy! His personal hands-on approach greatly helped my book successfully launch with a marketing and professional design plan in place enabling the book to reach Amazon #1 best-seller in six categories! His recommendations and assistance covered the use of technology, book cover design and descriptions, obtaining endorsements, video and website layout, formatting, marketing copy, book promotions and Amazon and Ingram related placements. Geoff’s supported me throughout the process and now continues to do so with amazon ads , related marketing activities and coaching helping to keep my book fresh and promoted in the most advantageous manner possible. Highly Recommend his services!"

GEORGE MARINO, CPA  |  First-time author & #1 bestselling author of Beyond Balancing the Books

A self-publishing master!

"Geoff is a true master in the self-publishing field. Geoff utilized his vast expertise to help me navigate the various aspects of the publication process with joy and ease. He also shared his network of contacts to connect me to the perfect resources to ensure my book and launch was professional and to the highest standards. Geoff’s depth of knowledge in launching Amazon best-sellers is unsurpassed. On launch day, my book Perfect hit #1 Amazon bestseller in three categories and was a #1 New Release in 10 categories. I will always be eternally grateful for his wisdom and patience in helping me share my message with the world. He is a true game changer."

JUDI MILLER  |  First-time author & bestselling author of Perfect

Sales of my book more than doubled, every month for a year!

"I first met Geoff through his immensely informative Amazon Bootcamp class a year after I self-published my first book, Burn Boston Burn. Sales of the book were starting to lag, so I sought help from this highly sought after expert. I retained Geoff and immediately, through his Amazon advertising plan, sales of my book more than doubled, every month for a year!
Finally, I asked Geoff for his knowledge and expertise to finalize my second book, the newly released, Bang Boom Burn. His input on my cover design and back cover information took the cover from very good to fabulous. His easy going style with suggestions, directions and assistance resulted in a first-rate product. Bang Boom Burn launched as an Amazon #1 Bestseller in five categories, all due to Geoff’s production and marketing plan. I highly recommend looking into Geoff Affleck to help get your book project flying higher than you ever thought possible."

WAYNE M. MILLER  |  #1 bestselling author of Burn Boston Burn and Bang Boom Burn

This kind of support is invaluable

"When I self-published my first two novels, I did so pretty much on my own. Finding Geoff for my third novel, highlighted not only all the mistakes I’d inadvertently made but also what was possible, particularly in the area of marketing. Geoff has expertise in all areas of publishing from cover design to formatting to working the algorithms of Amazon, and has a network of professionals that round out his team. His patience and knowledge were so very appreciated as I launched Epicenter. In fact, I felt so supported that I am now working with Geoff to re-format and relaunch my second book and discussing with him the fourth novel I am about to begin writing. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to self-publish to contact Geoff. This kind of support is invaluable."

CARRIE HANNAH  |  Bestselling author of Epicenter

Easy to work with, efficient, and gets results

"When I published and launched my latest book Lean Six Sigma I hired Geoff to Optimize my Amazon listings, coordinate my cover designs and typesetting, manage my Amazon Ads campaigns, and take my books to best seller status. As a result both of my books are on the first page of Amazon search results, have been multiple #1 best sellers and generate a positive cash flow. Geoff is easy to work with, efficient, and gets results."

DR. WESLEY DONAHUE  |  #1 bestselling author of Building Leadership Competence and Unlocking Lean Six Sigma

The New York Times bestseller

"Geoff used his marketing brilliance to make sure our site was set up to support a successful launch of our book to #8 on The New York Times bestseller list. I was so grateful for his creativity and responsiveness. Geoff is a total joy to work with!”

ELLEN ROGIN  |  Co-author of the New York Times Bestseller, Picture Your Prosperity

Katy's Farmhouse Kitchen Amazon #1

International Amazon Bestseller, with five-star reviews

"I always knew that it was in my stars to write a book and publish it. Wishing on those stars paid off when superstar Geoff Affleck shone his brilliance on my dream to be a published author. Lucky me! He offered a simple motivating program that led me from writing to marketing my book. In the beginning, I thought writing the book would be the hardest part, but once he opened the wellspring with his program, that was the easy part. One step at a time - editing, designing, printing, and marketing, he was always there. With Geoff’s guidance, Katy’s Farmhouse Kitchen: Rural Recipes and Saucy Stories to Savour is an International Amazon Bestseller, with five-star reviews. I highly recommend Geoff. He will guide and empower you to be the best you can be. With his guidance, I have finished my second book and ready to write the third."

KATIE EHRLICH  |  First-time author & #1 International Amazon bestselling author of Katy's Farmhouse Kitchen

How amazing you are with your craft

"Over the last few weeks my friends have heard me talk about you and how amazing you are with your craft. If ever they need to write their story you are the best guide ever. Thank you Geoff for all the hard work you, and your team of specialists, did on my behalf. Getting my manuscript into book format for Amazon/KDP and Ingram Spark was definitely a journey that I probably would still be on if I had tried to navigate the publishing waters alone. In retrospect, had you not been recommended, I doubt if Unzipped would have been successful."

DARLENE PARRIS YOUNG  |  First-time author & bestselling author of Unzipped

The go-to self-publishing professional

"I thank Geoff and his team of designers, typesetters, and SEO specialists, for their input, professionalism, and attention to every minute detail. When you cross bridges or meet a fork in the road, it’s always good to know that the way is clear straight ahead without obstacles. Geoff always makes sure that happens. Geoff is the go-to publishing professional to have on your team when you are only satisfied with the best."

JOHN P. CULNANE  |  First-time author of Nine Lives and Counting

Highly recommended for a rewarding indie publishing experience!

"If you want to publish your first book or break from the restrictions of publishing contracts, the amiable Geoff Affleck is the person to calmly, kindly, and competently guide you from start to finish. In addition to his own broad base of publishing expertise, Geoff connects you with quality designers to help you edit, proof, typeset, and develop a cover. He then cuts through the maze of launching your book on Amazon and other platforms in a way that successfully draws attention, reviews, and sales to your book. I highly recommend Geoff Affleck for a rewarding indie publishing experience!"

BOBBIE MERRILL |  Author of Compelling Conversations with Dolphins and Whales in the Wild

I could never have achieved it by myself

I just want to thank you also for an unforgettable publishing experience. I just love when I get an opportunity to work with a company who truly values their customers and is committed to their success. The customer service you provided to me was truly outstanding and I loved your timely responses to my emails, your focus, honesty and attention to detail. You have a way of simplifying everything and I really appreciate all your guidance on my book especially on the technical side.

From day 1 of our weekly calls I could see how committed you were to excellence and I knew I could relax and just trust in your publishing and marketing expertise. Your publishing service has surpassed my expectations and I am so happy with the end result. I could never have achieved it by myself so thanks for all your work on A Home for Bella

MARY CASEY |  #1 Bestselling author of A Home for Bella