Author Consulting

Geoff Affleck offers consulting for self-published non-fiction and fiction authors.

I'll advise you on the things you need to do to succeed,
and do the things you don't have the desire, skills or time to do for you."

Author Consulting Package

Who is this package for?

Self-published authors using Kindle Direct Publishing and IngramSpark. You are open to receiving expert advice and know that you can't do it alone.

What's Included?

  • A weekly 45 min 1-on-1 consultation via Zoom
  • Email support via between calls to review your progress and provide accountability and provide feedback on your marketing copy, web pages, book cover, ebook, etc.
  • Implementation of the plans that we create together. Includes up to 4 hours per month of my time to do whatever you need help with. This may include one or more of the following:
    • Title/subtitle consulting
    • Cover design consulting
    • Copywriting for your book blurb/back cover
    • Interior design
    • ebook formatting
    • Publishing to KDP & IngramSpark
    • Building your author platform
    • Amazon optimization
    • Book launch
    • Bestseller campaigns
    • Amazon Ads

PACKAGE PRICE: US$1,000/month

See what some of Geoff's clients have to say...

Ellen Rogin
Ellen Rogin NYT

In-depth understanding of marketing strategy

“I’ve known Geoff for several years now as a mentor in the Enlightened Bestseller program. His in-depth understanding of marketing strategy as well as the technology helped us get our website up quickly and looking great! Most importantly he used his marketing brilliance to make sure our site was set up to support a successful launch of our book. I was so grateful for his creativity and responsiveness. Geoff is a total joy to work with!”

– Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®
Co-author of the New York Times Bestseller,
"Picture Your Prosperity: Smart Money Moves to Turn Your Vision into Reality"

NY Times bestseller
Barbara Edie

"A marketing genius with the perfect balance of strategy and soul."

I’ve worked with Geoff for about four years now and as a bestselling author himself his marketing savvy and online expertise has been instrumental in two of my own books becoming #1 Amazon bestsellers. My latest book, Creating the Impossible, became a bestseller two days prior to its official release (!) due to pre-sales and some wise strategy. With his technical genius, Geoff has also helped me create an elegant, functional, and engaging website as well as some beautiful landing pages for programs and events. Geoff is the rare combination of left-brain practical know-how and right-brain creativity and design. In other words, he’s a true marketing genius with the perfect balance of strategy and soul.

Thanks Geoff!  I so appreciate your great work in helping me do more of my great work.

– Barbara Edie
Bestselling author, speaker, and high-vibe guide. Author of "Creating the Impossible - What It Takes to Bring Your Vision to Life."

#1 Amazon paid
Barbara Edie Creating The impossible Amazon #1

"Cheerleader, advisor & accountability/marketing/business partner all in one"

“When I started working with Geoff last year, I was seeking a coach who would be a cheerleader, an advisor and an accountability/marketing/business partner all in one, as I was launching myself into a new career direction – and he’s more than fulfilled all these roles!

In the short time we’ve been working together, he’s provided me with the mentorship, guidance and support required to help me complete my first book, build my email list, and develop strategies for expanding my message and brand globally. His grounded, practical and thoughtful approach to coaching has been just what I’ve needed to help me sustain my clarity, energy and momentum through a period of accelerated productivity and growth – both personally and professionally. I’m so grateful to have found a quality coach who I can also call my friend. Thanks Geoff!”

– Kimberley Record
Body Love Coach and author of "Finding Your Forever Body: A 10-Step Guide for Breaking the Diet Cycle for Good" and "You, Beautiful You".

Finding Your Forever Body book cover

"Strategic marketing and engagement ideas."

“Rarely do you find a resource like Geoff.   More than helping me build a website, Geoff offered strategic marketing and engagement ideas to strengthen my web launch! His years of experience and ability to quickly get a beautifully designed site up and running exceeded my expectations.  And, that's why a year later I continue to come back to Geoff for ideas and enhancements."

– Debra Kelsey-Davis
President & Founder, S2S Solutions, Ltd.

Dipika Delmenico

"The Real Deal."

“Geoff Affleck is the real deal and such a delight to work with.  Geoff’s insightful knowledge and understanding of marketing strategies, creativity and flare for content manifest a great website.  Engaging, succinct and relaxed, I am looking forward to continuing working with Geoff on my book launch and beyond.  Thank you dear Geoff”.

– Dipika Delmenico
Naturopath, Ayurvedic Physician, Speaker and Author

Dr. Shannon South

"I doubled my email list."

"Geoff really cares about you and your goals. Using his breakthrough ideas and creative work I doubled my email list. He helped me create a dynamic opt-in page, and develop, host and market a 4-week transformational webinar. Geoff also transformed my website into a warm, inviting and organized place to visit. I couldn’t have gotten this far with out him. I plan on calling for his support again and again as I grow my business. He really empowered me with marketing training giving me a system, tools and an organized direction so I can support my list and give them what they are looking for… more joy! Thank you Geoff for being such a loyal, brilliant marketing, technological genius! You are the best! "

– Dr. Shannon South
Award-winning Trans-personal Psychologist and Bestselling author of "Time For Me: From Stressed-Out Mom to Joy Magnet in 3 Simple Steps"

#1 Amazon free
Amazon1 Time For Me
Tracey Souverein
#5 Amazon free

"Geoff is worth his weight in gold!"

"Geoff Affleck has a wealth of information and ideas on how to build your business. I have used Geoff over the past year and his responsiveness, creativity and knowledge has been unsurpassed. Geoff helped me launch my first eBook and taught me which resources would be most valuable and cost effective in that stage of my business. He was well versed in a variety of different service products for email marketing, opt-ins, and websites so he could help me find the best fit for my business goals. He also shared some amazing launch strategies that made my launch even more successful. And along the way he helped tweak my website to make it more appealing and better functioning for my visitors.

One of the things I love most about working with Geoff is his willingness to teach and serve, not just do the work. I feel he has a true interest in my success and has not just been handing me fish to eat but he has been teaching me how to fish.

Geoff was able to coach me throughout the year on ways to build my business further and when I decided to do a tele-summit, he was again phenomenal. He directed me to the best tools and service products for success and provided me extensive training on how to use them. Always being available to answer questions if I got stuck or forgot how to do something.

Although I initially thought I could do most of the work on my own, it ended up there weren’t enough hours in the day for me to do so. Because money was tight I hired someone else from a reputable VA company to help me with the “easy stuff” and it was a disaster -- I ended up spending a significant amount of time and money without getting anything done.

I called Geoff and he came to my rescue. What would have taken me (and the VA) 2-3 times as long to accomplish, Geoff, with his knowledge and expertise was able to set up a membership website, email campaigns and shopping carts within a few hours.

Geoff is worth his weight in gold! I can’t thank him enough for his support in helping me build my business and I look forward to continuing to work with him as my business grows."

– Tracey Souverein
Bestselling author of "What Would Mother Mary Do?: Ways and Wisdom for Mothers on Loving Yourself"