Case Studies

These a are a few case studies of actual clients that I've consulted with and implemented strategies and programs for. The clients' names have been kept confidential due for privacy reasons.

Case Study #1: Book Relaunch

The client had appeared on a major TV show and subsequently released a book through a NY publisher. Initial sales were disappointing and 6 months later I was hired to relaunch the book.

A "Product Launch Formula" launch model was used to boost book sales and grow the client's platform. The plan was implemented within 3 weeks of conception.


  • Over 7,000 books were sold at retail price
  • Barnes & Noble overall rank rose from #16,213 to #3 in four days
  • Amazon rank of #1 in Religion & Spirituality (#21 out of all books on Amazon)
  • The client added over 30,000 new email subscribers within two weeks from joint venture partners
  • Generated over $400,000 revenue off back-end program sales of a products that I created with the client
  • Increased end-user goodwill by giving away products and services valued at over $14 million at no cost to my client

Case Study #2: Product Launch

The client engaged me to create an online course based on their NY Times bestselling book. The course was subsequently launched using Joint Venture partners.


  • The client added over 70,000 email subscribers within two weeks
  • More than 1,200 people purchased the online course
  • The course continued to be offered using an "evergreen" launch model and has been the client's primary new customer program since 2010

Case Study #3: NY Times Bestseller Campaign

The client engaged me along with my partners to develop a strategy to launch a NY Times bestseller and build her platform as a subject matter expert in her field. I created the book launch website and managed all the back-end integration to facilitate pre-launch book orders and list building.


  • The client received a six-figure advance from a major NY publisher
  • The book became a #8 NY Times bestseller
  • More than 7,000 copies of the book were pre-sold
  • The client has enjoyed significant mass media exposure and is attracting lucrative speaking engagements

Case Study #4: High-End Training Program

The client partnered with me to design, develop, market and co-deliver a brand new high-end training and mentoring program for aspiring self-help authors.


  • Within 15 days of inception a sales system was in place and the first workshop was sold out
  • Within 30 days of inception, the first workshop was delivered
  • Revenue of over $400,000 was generated within the first 12 months
  • More than $1.5 million has been generated to date
  • The course continued to be offered using an "evergreen" launch model and was the client's most profitable program for 4 years

Case Study #5: Marketing System Implementation

After evaluating the client's marketing systems, I proposed a new CRM system that would improve the end-user experience, reduce costs and increase revenues.


  • The new system was implemented within 30 days
  • Initial savings of $2,000 per month
  • Customer engagement has increased
  • Marketing funnels were created that have since generated millions of dollars in revenue

Case Study #6: Book Launch

The client wanted an innovative book launch campaign that cost nothing to implement.


  • Almost 3,000 books were sold at retail price
  • The profit from $60,000 in back end product sales more than paid for the launch and my fees
  • Amazon rank of #1 in Energy Healing and #1 in Hot New Releases
  • Over 3,000 people registered for a webinar with the author to learn more about his new book
  • Increased end-user goodwill by giving away existing online products valued at over $200,000 at no cost to my client

These are just a few examples. Imagine what we may be able to do together!  Contact me today for a complimentary strategic marketing consultation.