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Marketing Funnels

For Transformational Leaders & Authors
About Geoff Case Studies

Geoff Affleck is a bestselling author and marketing consultant helping contemporary thought leaders launch bestselling books, build platforms & increase sales.

He is passionate about online marketing in the personal development niche and loves to collaborate with and support new thought leaders who want to touch thousands -- or millions -- of lives with their message.

Specifically, Geoff helps his clients reach more people with their message by.

  1. Launching bestselling books or re-energizing the sales of already published books
  2. Building their platforms by growing their email lists and social media following
  3. Designing and implementing marketing funnels
  4. Managing product launches

Working with Geoff

Geoff works with a few hand-picked clients at a time either on a monthly retainer or project basis. If you would like to explore some strategies for building your platform, becoming a bestselling author and generating significant back-end revenues then please contact Geoff for a complimentary initial consultation.