How to publish a book


5 Things Every First-time Author Needs to Know

How to Publish a book and Build Your Platform

5 Things Every First Time Author Needs to Know Geoff Affleck
5 Things Every First-time Author Needs to Know #1 Hot New Release Amazon

Want to publish a book to reach more people with your message so you can change lives and make more money doing it?

#1 Bestselling author Geoff Affleck shares 5 practical tips that every new author needs to know BEFORE you publish a book including how to:

  • ​Decide on your topic so it already has eager readers
  • ​Grow your audience and email list by leveraging your book
  • ​Build a profitable business from your book
  • ​Create your book with a marketing mindset
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    Publish your first book quickly and easily
Debra Poneman

“Geoff takes you by the hand and shows you step by step how to become a bestselling author.” 

DEBRA PONEMAN  | Co-founder of Your Year of Miracles, motivational speaker, and bestselling author.

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