Recording of eBook Bestseller Bootcamp Session #1

Recording of eBook Bestseller Bootcamp Session #1

This LIVE teaching session covers the first of the 7P’s – POSITION.

VIDEO CONTENTS: The specific time points for each topic are listed below:

– Course overview [0:00}
– Course website tour (see what you get when you join) [17:23]
– Defining your ideal reader and their problem [23:31]
– How to create your book’s subtitle [45:25]
– How and why to do a comparative analysis [56:04]
– How to get clear on your book’s topic [59.28]
– Defining your timeline for becoming a bestselling author [1:07:13]

If you’re like most new authors, you probably don’t have a clear process or roadmap for getting your book done.
That’s why I created the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp — to help you overcome these challenges.
If you’re ready for step-by-step support and are committed to sharing your message then join me for the 7-week LIVE online course starting NOW.