Turn your knowledge and experience into a bestselling book.

Your book will become an Amazon Bestseller—Guaranteed!

eBook Bestseller Bootcamp is a comprehensive interactive online training program that shows you exactly how to write, publish and launch your first non-fiction eBook.

It's been developed specifically for messengers, teachers, authors, speakers and experts who currently have expertise or life experiences in the genres of self-help, spirituality, health, relationships, success, money or 'how-to' that they want to share with the world.

I’ll personally guide you through my 7 P’s eBook Bestseller Blueprint so you can publish an eBook that helps people improve their lives and provides you with a credible base for making a living doing what you love.

When You're a Bestselling Author Doors Will Open For You

I bet you’ve got an important message to share – a book bubbling up inside of you that can have a big impact on people’s lives.

As many others have discovered, being a published author is the gateway to a whole new set of opportunities for you.

It’s the ultimate door-opening business card leading to more clients, more speaking gigs, higher paid consulting, a bigger email list, more income and ultimately a better life for you and your family.

As an author you’ll be seen as a credible expert in your field and more people will want your services as a practitioner, consultant, advisor or speaker. As your business grows you become financially secure while knowing that you are having an impact and living your life purpose.


Where to start...


Don't start by writing a book... Start by writing an eBook!

If you’re like most people who have a great book idea inside of them, you probably don’t have a clear process or roadmap for writing it, getting it published, and reaching the people who really need to hear your message.

While doing this on your own is possible, the easiest way to quickly and affordably write, publish and get your first book to #1 is to follow a proven step-by-step formula.

You don’t have take years to write a 250-page (60,000-word) book. The best way to ‘get in the game’ is to write a “starter” book — a 10,000-word eBook so you can become a bestselling author within a few months.

Then you can leverage your eBook to build your platform (I’ll teach you how to do this in the course) while you are working on your “big” printed book.

Publishing Path

Meet Your Bootcamp Instructor, Geoff Affleck

I’ve been working in the field of self-development, online marketing and publishing since 2009. As a guide for self-help authors I’ve helped both NY Times bestselling authors and emerging teachers alike to develop authentic, highly engaging, and lucrative non-fiction books, programs and marketing funnels for their expanding global communities.

I was fortunate to learn from and collaborate with three master mentors, NY Times bestselling authors - Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood who helped me fine-tune a proven system — the eBook Bestseller Blueprint — for creating successful self-help eBooks that engage, inspire and transform readers.

Thanks to their guidance our very first eBook, Enlightened Bestseller: 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Self-Help Book instantly became an Amazon #1 bestseller and has been downloaded over 8,000 times. Since then I’ve co-authored 4 more #1 bestsellers and helped dozens of authors do the same.

My passion is helping conscious entrepreneurs accelerate the growth of their business by translating their knowledge, personal stories and teachings into bestselling books and online programs — so they can impact people’s lives and step into their power.


Geoff Affleck is a catalyst for self-help authors who plans, executes and manages book launches, online marketing campaigns and product launches for transformational authors, speakers, and teachers.

His clients include with leading contemporary thought leaders and bestselling authors: Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood, Panache Desai, Marci Shimoff, Joel Roberts, Matt Kahn, Ellen Rogin, Jennifer Hawthorne, Richard Gordon, and Amelia Kinkade.

Geoff is the #1 bestselling co-author of five books :

  • Enlightened Bestseller: 7 Keys to Creating a Successful Self-Help Book (Amazon, 2013)
  • Breakthrough! Inspirational Strategies for an Audaciously Authentic Life (Turning Stone Press, 2013)
  • Ready, Set, Live!: Empowering Strategies for an Enlightened Life (Morgan James, 2015)
  • Inspired by The Passion Test: The #1 Tool for Discovering Your Passion and Purpose (Persona, 2017)
  • Shine Your Light: Powerful Practices for an Extraordinary Life (Morgan James, 2017)

As a speaker has shared the stage with transformational leaders and bestselling authors including Marci Shimoff, Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood, John Assaraf, Lisa Sasevich, Greg Habstritt, and T. Harv Eker.

Geoff earned his MBA from the Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario and a Bachelor degree in Marketing from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.

Geoff Affleck family
Geoff, Skyla and Lesley

Born in Melbourne, Australia, he now lives on Vancouver Island, BC and enjoys sailing, yoga, puttering around the farm, and being present with his beautiful and supportive wife, Lesley and his high-energy daughter, Skyla.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp

I’ve seen the challenges up-and-coming self-help and nonfiction authors face, and that’s why I created eBook Bestseller Bootcamp — a proven and ‘field-tested’ training program to empower teachers and experts with a system that makes the process of writing, publishing and launching way easier and more successful.

By the end of the course, you’ll have all the tools and knowledge to launch a beautiful, transformative and strategic eBook that will profoundly change people’s lives — starting with yours!

You’ll create your eBook within a powerful community of other like-minded conscious entrepreneurs who will be your support during the program and beyond.

Putting ALL the Pieces Together: Your eBook Bestseller Blueprint

eBook Bestseller Bootcamp is a comprehensive interactive online training program that will provide you with the framework, tools, templates, coaching support and intimate learning community so you can effectively map out your content, edit your manuscript, design your cover, create your integrated marketing plan, and finally publish and launch your first eBook.

eBook Bestseller Bootcamp has been developed specifically for messengers, teachers, authors, speakers and experts who currently have teaching content or life experiences in the genres of self-help, spirituality, health, relationships, success, money or 'how-to' that they want to share with the world.

I’ll personally guide you through my 7 P’s eBook Bestseller Blueprint so you can publish an eBook that makes the world a better place and opens the provides you with a credible base for building your platform and increasing your income.

seven steps

What Bestselling Self-Help Authors are Saying about Working with Geoff...

Marci Shimoff

"Strategies that can build an email list and produce income."

"When it comes to helping transformational authors build their platforms, Geoff Affleck is one of the best online marketing coaches in the business. He is quick to identify strategies that can build an email list and produce income --  I can attest to his commitment to his client’s success."

—Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author of Chicken Soup of the Woman's Soul and Happy for No Reason.

Panache Desai

"A joy to work with"

"It was a joy to work with Geoff on the promotion of my book. His quick grasp of how to effectively share my message resulted in the successful growth of our reach & revenue. Geoff’s strong leadership & hands-on approach has provided my team with a new marketing blueprint."

—Panache Desai, Vibrational Catalyst & #1 Bestselling Author of Discovering Your Soul Signature: A 33 Day Path to Purpose, Passion & Joy.

#3, #1 Amazon
Jennifer Hawthorne

"#1 in Six Amazon Categories"

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Geoff on a bestseller campaign for one of my book clients. Thanks to his expertise and guidance, this niche market book reached #1 in six Amazon categories and remained a #1 New Release in several categories for a month after its release!

—Jennifer Read Hawthorne, #1 New York Times bestselling author of four books in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series and editor, Awakening the Holographic Human.

#1 Amazon in 5 categories

"In-depth understanding of marketing strategy"

"Geoff's in-depth understanding of marketing strategy as well as the technology helped us have a very successful book launch. I was so grateful for his creativity and responsiveness. Geoff is a total joy to work with!"

—Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP, New York Times bestselling author of Picture Your Prosperity.

NY Times bestseller
Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp

What You'll Learn in this Training Program



POSITION: Refining Your Book's Unique Selling Proposition

During our first training we’ll be exploring the factors that make an eBook effective— both for the reader and for you. We’ll focus on getting clear on your book’s topic and unique positioning. In this module you’ll discover:

  • The 7 steps for creating a bestselling eBook
  • How to create a realistic timeline for getting your book written, published and on the bestseller list
  • A simple process to get clear on exactly what your book will be about
  • How to determine your book’s unique positioning so it stands out in the marketplace


PLAN: Creating Your Title, Cover and Table of Contents

Next you’ll get your creative juices flowing as we develop the crucial pieces that can make or break a bestseller: an attention-grabbing title, an eye-popping book cover, and engaging chapter headings.

In this fun module you’ll discover:

  • How to create an awesome title and subtitle that ensures your book is found on Amazon and purchased by readers
  • The design do’s and don’t for a bestselling book cover
  • The tricks to saving time and money on your cover design (and receive referrals to my favorite cover designers)
  • A simple way to create your chapter titles that will hook readers


PRODUCE: Writing & Editing Your eBook

In part 3 your book really begins to take shape as you create a structure for your chapters that includes the right blend of personal stories, facts, quotes, principles and tools that will engage your readers. You’ll learn how to set up your Word document correctly and how to find and work with a professional editor. In this module, you'll discover:

  • A simple technique for structuring each chapter that was used by the world’s #1 female self-help author to sell more than 15 million books
  • 10 writing tips to make your book both engaging and effective
  • How to effectively set up and use Microsoft Word to ensure a seamless upload to Amazon
  • How to find & work with a professional editor to produce a great book that people will love to read & share. I’ll even introduce you to my favorite editors to take the guesswork out of who to hire.
Build your email list


PLATFORM: Building Your Email list with Your eBook

All successful authors know that writing and marketing are parallel processes - you don’t write the book then figure out how to promote it! In Module 4 we dive into the basics of book marketing so that you can begin to build your author platform well before your book is released. In this module you’ll discover:

  • 10 ways to build your author platform
  • How to create the hottest Bonus for your book launch
  • How to build and integrate your Technology Platform
  • 5 ways to leverage your eBook to exponentially grow your author platform
  • The best way to ask for endorsements for your book from influencers in your field
  • How to gain the support of partners to promote your book launch


PUBLISH: Uploading Your Book to Amazon

Now the fun really begins and the dream of becoming a published author is beginning to feel real! With your cover and manuscript complete you’ll get step-by-step instructions for uploading your eBook to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. You’ll know exactly how to maximize your book’s success by leveraging the powerful tools that KDP provides. In this module, you'll learn:

  • How to navigate Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing interface
  • The most important elements that should be included in your book description
  • The insiders’ method for choosing the best Amazon categories for your book that has produced a #1 ranking for every client I’ve worked with
  • How to upload your manuscript and cover to Amazon
  • Three pricing strategies for your book that maximize royalties and downloads
  • The best ways to get 5-star reviews for your book
Bestselling book


PROMOTE: Planning and Executing Your Book Launch Campaign

Now that your book is listed on Amazon and your launch page is complete, it’s time to sell some books! We’ll focus our time here on creating your book launch blueprint that will mobilize people to go to your book launch page and download your book. We’ll also focus on how to get 5-star reviews in the early stage of the launch. In this module you’ll discover: 

  • The critical elements and marketing blueprint for a successful online book launch
  • How to create an appealing Bonus Package for your book launch
  • The key design elements for a high-converting web page for your book launch
  • Five traffic sources to get people to your book launch page
  • How and when to use Amazon KDP Select promotions for maximum downloads of your book
  • How to use Amazon Marketing Services to promote your book to Amazon customers


PROFIT: Leveraging Your Bestseller Into a Profitable Business

Now that you’re officially an Amazon bestselling author we’ll set our sights on the best ways to leverage this success by creating new products, books and programs that you can offer to your growing platform of followers. In this module you’ll discover:

  • The top five ways to leverage your book to increase your income and how to choose the right one(s) for you
  • A blueprint for transitioning from a “time for dollars” business model to a “leveraged” business model
  • How to decide if and when you’re ready to write a printed book

Bootcamps Are Way More Fun in a Group...

You will be part of a like-minded learning group throughout the INTERACTIVE Online Bootcamp. As you follow the bestseller roadmap you’ll be learning from each other too, supporting each other’s work, and potentially partnering with your fellow participants on your eBook launches.

You’ll connect and bond with your fellow course-mates during our time together, and surely find ways to help each other be successful. These relationships may last a lifetime.

Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp

How eBook Bestseller Bootcamp Works & What You'll Receive

A supportive, high-engagement approach to walking you step-by-step through the process of writing, publishing & launching your eBook


I’ll walk you through every step of the process of creating your first eBook and launching it on Amazon. You’ll have direct connection with me through the weekly LIVE 60-minute group Q&A video calls, through chat on the course website, via one-on-one coaching sessions (for the FastTrack option), and on our private FaceBook Group. All the course materials are available for life on our Member’s Portal. And you’ll also be learning from Expert Faculty members who share their best insider secrets.

LIVE Group Coaching and Q&A via Video Calls

You'll join me for seven weekly 60-minute LIVE, highly-interactive video Q&A calls. On these calls you can ask me anything you like about your book project and the course material. There will be time during every live video call for participants to be coached on their work with the rest of the group witnessing and providing ideas and feedback. I’ll be providing laser coaching to help you navigate all the components of launching your successful eBook.

Lifetime Access to 7 Modules with Online Tutorial Videos and Online Chat to Support Your Learning

The online training materials for each module will give you provide practical content via training videos and checklists that you need to get your eBook done and launched. There's also direct online chat with me through the site. You'll have Lifetime Access to these videos and all the other materials on the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp Members’ site so you can easily go back and reference the materials and the videos as you do your second & third book launches (and beyond).

The eBook Bestseller Toolkit: Templates, Exercises, Checklists & Planning Tools

I’ve put together a powerful toolkit of materials and information to help you make your book writing and publishing activities much easier, and your marketing campaign more effective. These resources will help you at every step of the process to keep you on track as well as save you a ton of time and headaches. The marketing plan for your book launch will be extremely helpful.

Exclusive Access to the eBook Bestseller Bootcamp Private FaceBook Page

This will be your home for all ongoing connection with your peers in the course during AND after the program. It’s a place to share ideas and resources and stay connected with your fellow ‘Bootcampers’ -- for practical and moral support. We will continue to grow this FaceBook community so that you can continue to both give and receive help around your future offerings and those of other people in the community. This is a private FaceBook group and is by invitation only for eBook Bestseller Bootcamp participants.


The eBook Bestseller Bootcamp FastTrack program is for those who want more personal consulting, support and accountability through working with me closely on their book project. This option includes:

1. eBook Bestseller Bootcamp: Everything listed above in the interactive online program and lifetime access to the online course and resources.

2. 1-on-1 Coaching  from Geoff: If you enroll in the FastTrack Option you’ll also have direct, personalized support from me throughout the course through THREE 45-minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

This will provide you the opportunity to get deeper creative input into your book concept, structure, title, cover design, category selection and marketing plan. You can schedule the sessions up to 6 months after you begin the course.

3. Access to my personal “Rolodex”: Introductions to my most trusted cover designers, editors, publishers, web designers, and potential partners in your niche.

4. Promotional Support for Your Book: As my private client I will personally promote your book to my email list and on Facebook when it launches.



BONUS #1: Professional Editing discount ($500 value)

Finding a professional editor who can preserve your voice is a key piece for any author. I'll save you the hassle of searching for an editor by introducing you to my most-trusted, best-of-class professional editors who are offering affordable fixed rate editing packages that will ensure that your eBook is of the highest quality and is engaging for your readers. I’ve negotiated this editing package (with editors used by more than 40 of my clients) that will save you $500 or more off market rates.


BONUS #2: Professional Cover Design discount ($350 value)

An eye-popping cover - one your eBook’s 7 conversion keys - is an investment worth making. I’ve negotiated this professional cover design package that will save you $350.

Kathryn Kemp Guylay

BONUS #3: Make Publishing Fun Summit ($497 value)

My colleague, 6-time bestselling author, Kathryn Kemp-Guylay, has included her pre-recorded audio program featuring 26 world class experts who will show you the five simple steps to becoming an author and getting published.


BONUS #4: How to Turn Your Message into an Online Course ($297 value)

In this exclusive 2-Hour Video Seminar facilitated by Launch Academy founder Chris Kyle and I, you’ll learn the four essential elements for creating your online learning program and how to turn your teachings into a lucrative income stream!

Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books (2)

BONUS #5: “Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books” eBook by John Tighe

John shows you exactly how to maximize your royalties, get paid to capture leads and rapidly build a successful “backend” business.

GYBD eBook (1)

BONUS #6: “Get Your Book Done” eBook by Christine Kloser

Transformational book coach, Christine Kloser shares her proven system for writing your transformational book quickly and easily.


BONUS #7: SpeakerTunity™ Speaker Leads (30 days free - $105 value)

Each month, you get an update on which virtual summit hosts and radio shows are looking for or are open to new guest presenters... along with their contact information.  Truly a one-of-kind resources for the transformational expert, coach, healer, author or entrepreneur.

What It's Like Working with Geoff. . .


"Grounded, practical and thoughtful"

"Geoff has provided me with the mentorship, guidance and support required to help me complete my first book, build my email list, and develop strategies for expanding my message and brand globally. His grounded, practical and thoughtful approach to coaching has been just what I’ve needed to help me sustain my clarity, energy and momentum through a period of accelerated productivity and growth – both personally and professionally. I’m so grateful to have found a quality coach who I can also call my friend."

—Kimberley Record, Body Love Coach and author of Finding Your Forever Body: A 10-Step Guide for Breaking the Diet Cycle for Good

Finding Your Forever Body book cover

"Couldn't have done it without him"

"Working with Geoff on the launch of my book made the process go from 'this is too much!!'to 'this is totally do-able!' for me. Geoff took an overwhelming project and created a simple, step-by-step, streamlined approach. Not only does Geoff make the process fun, he also knows the "ins and outs" of the market better than anyone. Geoff's tactics are tried and true, and he is a pleasure to work with. I couldn't have done it without him!"

Merav Richter, author of Brave Ecstatic Woman: Igniting Your Feminine Essence for an Audaciously Luscious Life

Ron Holt

“A to Z of how to write and market a book.”

"I learned the 'A to Z' of how to write and market a book. About a year after participating in the program, I launched my own book, PRIDE, which quickly gained international bestselling status in seven countries on Amazon. I am grateful for all that I learned before launching."

—Dr. Ron Holt, bestselling author of PRIDE: You Can't Heal if You're Hiding from Yourself

#1 Amazon paid
Mindy Mackenzie

"An absolute God-send"

"Geoff was an absolute God-send in the weeks running up to my book launch!  He knows the publishing/PR business and knows the stress and strain for the author so consistently provided practical and timely support.  From ideation to content creation for my web pages to working with my web designer to anticipating what was coming next, Geoff was a valued partner through the entire process.  I highly recommend Geoff!"

—Mindy MacKenzie, speaker, CEO Advisor, bestselling author of The Courage Solution

USA Today bestseller
Lori blue 500x500

"A gift to my development as a writer and visionary"

“Bringing both personal support and professional expertise and connections, Geoff is a catalyst who propels my writing and publishing opportunities to new and unexpected levels.  He patiently and persistently assists me with navigating both wins and set backs and is a champion for my success on all levels. Geoff is a gift to my development as a writer and visionary."

—Lori Woodley, Bestselling Author and Speaker

Shine Your Light
Ebook Bestseller Bootcamp

Next Live Q&A Call is this Wednesday

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SUMMARY: eBook Bestseller Bookcamp Includes:

7 LIVE 60-minute Q&A Calls

7 Online Tutorial Videos and Materials

The eBook Bestseller Toolkit

Private Facebook Group

Three 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Geoff  (FastTrack option only)

Access to Geoff's 'Rolodex' of Experts & Outsourcers (FastTrack option only)

Promotional Support for Your Book (FastTrack option only)

Plus these bonuses valued at $1,750!

BONUS #1: Professional Editing discount ($500 value)

BONUS #2: Professional Cover Design discount ($350 value)

BONUS #3: Make Publishing Fun Summit ($497 value)

BONUS #4: MASTERCLASS - How to Turn Your Message into an Online Course ($297 value)

BONUS #5: Make Money from Non-Fiction Kindle Books by John Tighe

BONUS #6: Get Your Book Done eBook by Christine Kloser

BONUS #7: SpeakerTunity™ Speaker Leads (30 days free - $105 value)

Get started today by choosing one of the 3 options below...

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✔ Lifetime access to the online training program

✔ Bonus package valued at $1,750

✔ Bestseller Guarantee

7 LIVE weekly 60-min Q&A video calls or personal feedback from me via the course website.

3 Payments of $77
or 1 Payment of $197

*All amounts are in US Dollars



✔ Lifetime access to the online training program

✔ Bonus package valued at $1,750

✔ Personal feedback from me via the course website

✔ 7 LIVE weekly 60-minute Q&A video calls

✔ Bestseller Guarantee

3 Payments of $177
or 1 Payment of $497

*All amounts are in US Dollars


✔ Everything in the Bootcamp 

✔ Three 45-min private consultations with me

✔ Referrals to experts & outsourcers

✔ Promotion for your book

✔ Bestseller Guarantee

3 Payments of $347
or 1 Payment of $997

*All amounts are in US Dollars

Amazon bestseller

Amazon Bestseller Guarantee

I'm committed to seeing that every student becomes an Amazon bestselling author. If your book doesn't make the top 10 in a category (new release, bestseller or free) then I will work with you personally until it does. There's absolutely no risk on your part because your results are guaranteed.

Closing Words from Some of Geoff's #1 Bestselling Clients

Barbara Edie

"The perfect balance of strategy and soul"

I’ve worked with Geoff for about four years now and as a bestselling author himself his marketing savvy and online expertise has been instrumental in two of my own books becoming #1 Amazon bestsellers. My latest book, Creating the Impossible, became a bestseller two days prior to its official release! Geoff is a true marketing genius with the perfect balance of strategy and soul.

—Barbara Edie, bestselling author, speaker, and high-vibe guide. Author of Creating the Impossible - What It Takes to Bring Your Vision to Life.

Barbara Edie Creating The impossible Amazon #1

"Thank you, Geoff for taking my book to #1!"

"It was wonderful working with Geoff on the launch of Eat Gelato. He is both patient and practical and he reminded me that things are just as they are meant to be. Thank you, Geoff for taking my book, Eat Gelato to #1 in the Personal Transformation category on Amazon UK and No. 1 in Travel Italy on Amazon UK and US. I am surprised and delighted and look forward to working together on the next book!"

—Sharon Smith, #1 Bestselling Author of Eat Gelato.

Jennifer Taylor

"A massive influx of sales"

"I highly recommend working with Geoff. Due to his efforts, we had a very successful book launch – and a massive influx of sales which really helped our business. Geoff not only offered great advice and did everything from creating a special launch website to writing copy. He has superb project management skills and he went way above and beyond my expectations. His help was invaluable."

—Jennifer Taylor, CEO Quantum-Touch, Inc. Author of the upcoming book, Spiritual and Broke?

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 9.13.21 PM

"Your coaching allowed me to become a Bestselling Author!"

"I can't thank you enough for your guidance and support in creating my #1 bestselling eBook. When I started this journey it seemed like an impossible task. With your coaching style and expertise, we were able to break it down into simple, manageable steps that were totally achievable. You kept me on time and motivated to push through some of the challenges with ease. Your coaching allowed me to become a Bestselling Author!"

—Dr. Jim Claussen, #1 Bestselling author of 7 Essentials for Life: Simple Lifestyle Hacks for Optimal Health & Vitality.

Michelle Gale

"Couldn’t have done it without Geoff’s coaching."

"My first book just hit #1 on Amazon and I couldn’t have done it without Geoff’s coaching. He was efficient, helped me stay organized and offered just the right wisdom and just the right times. Geoff is the perfect combination of coach, friend, and cheerleader. I loved working with him and would not hesitate to recommend him - in fact, I have already made referrals who are thrilled with the impact Geoff has made."

—Michelle Gale #1 Bestselling author of Mindful Parenting in a Messy World.

MIndful Parenting in a Messy World by Michelle Gale


How does this interactive online course work?

You’ll be connecting with Geoff and the other Bootcamp participants via a LIVE Q&A video conference once a week for 7 weeks. You will have exclusive access to the course website which will house all of the course materials including recordings, training videos, checklists, templates, PDFs, etc. We’ll also be interacting and sharing via our private Facebook page throughout the program.

Do I need any special equipment for this program?

The only equipment you’ll need is a computer (or tablet or smart phone) with an internet connection. All of the calls and the materials will be accessed online via our video conference service and our Bootcamp private website and Facebook page.

What time are the weekly LIVE Q&A sessions?

The live training sessions are held on Wednesdays at 10 am Pacific Time (11 AM Mountain / 12 pm Central / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm UK) 

What if I miss a teaching/coaching session?

All the Q&A sessions will be recorded so you’ll never “miss” a session. You’ll have lifetime access to all archived recordings. If you miss a 1-on-1 coaching session (FastTrack members), you will then need to reschedule with Geoff using his online scheduling system.

Can I take this program with my business partner or co-author?

Yes! Both you and your spouse, or business partner, or co-author can take the training together. As long as you're creating just one eBook together, then it's fine to have both of you participate in all group and private sessions.

What if I’m not sure what my book will be about?

If you don’t have clear content, or it’s still in the early development phase, then that’s perfect. The eBook Bestseller Bootcamp will help you find that clarity so you can begin to write your book.

What happens after I register?

You’ll receive your private Course Website login and can start Module 1 right away. Our next LIVE Q&A call is this coming Wednesday at 10 am Pacific Time.

Do you guarantee results?

Absolutely! If you complete the 7-week course and do all the steps that I recommend then I guarantee that you will have an Amazon bestselling eBook (Top 10 paid and/or free). If within 30 days of your registration you are not satisfied for any reason I will refund your tuition.

Who can I contact with questions or for more information?

Contact Geoff via email at

Course Reviews from Recent Graduates

Valentina Galante

"I love the course!"

"I love the course! The sessions are so valuable and what you’re sharing is so practical and so helpful! Thank you for the work you do."

—Valentina Galante
Life Coach, Florida

Helena Reilly

"A breakthrough course"

"I am so impressed by the profound game plan that you have orchestrated in your genius course. It is truly so content rich. It has definitely altered my perception of publishing in today’s world. I am integrating this knowledge and taking a step by step approach. Thanks for creating and delivering a breakthrough course!"

—Helena Reilly
Quantum Sound Therapist, Florida


"Love, love, love the course!"

"This course is of great value to today's authors. I'm a professional writer and never would have been able to learn about and navigate the nitty gritty eBook world of publishing without Geoff's expertise and guidance. I'm finally getting my book done because now I have the roadmap. Love, love, love the course!"

—Dezi DeSiervi


"Really clearly explained"

"There are so many things in this course that I haven't even thought about surrounding writing and marketing a book and succeeding! Geoff organized the material SO well! The many stages flow through logically and really clearly explained. It's just the right thing for those of us who want to write to share our expertise and experience but are no marketing mavericks - also glad that we can keep accessing the info and work at our own pace."

—Vivian C.
Musician, Cambridge UK

Narda Pitkelthy

"Astonished by the things I have learned"

"I am so thrilled to have gone through your bootcamp course. I’m astonished by the things I have learned about the world of being an author."

—Narda Pitkelthy
Founder, Nardagani Reading System, Idaho

Jenny Florence

"Fab, fab and more fab!"

"Absolutely Brilliant! I can recommend this course to anyone who has a contribution to share and is looking for support and guidance to launch themselves as a bestselling self-help author.There are so many areas that I have previously struggled with that I now have clarity on: finding the right title, the right sub-title, getting the book cover right, working out a successful marketing plan and getting to the #1 slot at launch. Following Geoff's guidelines my book reached #1!! Fab fab and more fab!"

—Jenny Florence
#1 Bestselling Author, UK

Kathy Oaks

"Perfectly compatible to use with a full length book"

"This course is an amazing compilation of resources and ideas, structured in a way to help keep you on track with writing and publishing and marketing your book. It's meant for a short e-book, but is perfectly compatible to use with a full length book intended for hard copy publication, which is what I did. Geoff is very supportive, knowledgeable, and all-around helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in writing and publishing a book, even if you've written one before."

—Kathy Oaks,
Homeschooling Expert, MN

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