How to Sell More Books with Amazon Ads

TWO hands-on workshops for fiction & non-fiction authors

GEOFF AFFLECK, Amazon Ads Expert & #1 Bestselling Author

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I saw an immediate improvement in my Ad performance as a result of Geoff's expertise, with an increase in sales and KENP reads.


Elle Nicoll

author of The Men series

In this FREE two-part training series Amazon Ads expert Geoff Affleck answers the most common questions about Amazon Ads for both NEW and experienced authors. 

Webinar #1: Amazon Ads 101

  • What exactly are Amazon Ads?
  • Can I run ads for for a book that is traditionally published?
  • How do they differ from FaceBook Ads and other types of book promotions?
  • How much do they cost?
  • How do I set them up and is it complicated?
  • What are the different types of Amazon Ads and when should I use them?
  • Where to find the best targets for my ads?
  • How can I know if they are cost-effective?

Geoff will walk you through how to set up your first 3 ad campaigns.

Webinar #2: Amazon Ads 201

  • Should I run automatic, keyword, or product targeting campaigns?
  • How do you interpret the ads dashboard?
  • What is a reasonable bid to ensure sufficient impressions?
  • How do I get more clicks?
  • How do I convert more clicks into sales?
  • How can I ensure I'm not wasting $$?
  • Just when Amazon ads are working suddenly sales fall off a cliff. Why?
  • How do I measure my return on investment?

Geoff will walk you through how to analyze and optimize your ad campaigns.


The monitoring and managing of my Amazon Ads has resulted in tremendous sales growth in US, UK and CA. I am very pleased.”


Nina Porter

author of Super Sized for Challenged Eyes Word Search Puzzles


I had been running Amazon Ads with little to no success for two and a half years. With Geoff’s expertise, my books have sold much better, and sales are really the only metric that matters.

Charles Cutter author

Charles Cutter

author of the Burr Lafayette Mystery series


“Within eight weeks of starting with Geoff's Amazon Ads service, I had my first month with over one million KENP reads!”


Arianna Fraser 

author of the Toscano Mafia Saga series

The Toscano Mafia Saga

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