Let Me Create Your Opt-in Page for the Book Launch

(and save you the headache of doing it yourself!)

Building your email list is critical as you launch yourself as a bestselling author. But many self-help authors lack the know-how or inclination to do the "techie" stuff to set it up. That's where I come in...

For authors of our upcoming compilation book, Shine Your Light!  I have created two special "done for you" opt-in page packages to make it easy for you to get your page up and running.

I'll create a page for you similar to the ones below from my portfolio and take away the headache of doing it yourself. Please scroll below for all the details.

Here's What You Get...

1. Opt-in Page

Using WordPress, I'll create a beautiful, clean opt-in page for your book launch gift that will invite people to sign up for your complimentary offer. I'll assist with creating your headline, description and call to action.

2. Thank You Page

The "Thank You" page is what people see after they opt-in for your free gift. Your custom "Thank You" page will tell people what to do next to claim your gift.

3. Autoresponder Integration

I'll connect your email marketing system (aka Autoresponder) to your opt-in page. The email addresses you collect are yours to keep.

4. Hosting

Your opt-in page can either be a separate page on the official book launch website (our URL) OR, can be hosted on your own domain. Using our server will save you money if you don't already have a hosting account.

5. Hosting for Your Digital Gift

I'll upload your digital gift -- PDF, eBook, MP3, Video, etc. -- to the web server, YouTube or Soundcloud so that people can download it after they opt-in to your email list.

6. Thank You Email

After someone opts in for your gift, you'll send them an automatic thank you email with instructions for how to download or receive the gift. I'll help you write this email and ensure that it's integrated properly with your opt-in page and autoresponder.

Package #1: $297

Includes all of the 6 items above. Your page is hosted on OUR web server saving you about $100/year on hosting fees.

Package #2: $397

Includes all of the 6 items above except #4. I will set up a new WordPress installation for you on YOUR domain or use one that you already have. This package costs more due the additional time required to set up your web hosting service.

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Your Part...

This is going to be a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves Miracles) effort.

You'll need to provide the items below and I'll do all the technical stuff.

1. Create the Gift

You are responsible for creating your own unique free gift to support the book launch. It could be a free report (PDF), eBook (PDF), audio recording, video, online course, personal session, quiz or something else. Be creative!

2. Open an Email Marketing Account

You'll need your own email marketing/autoresponder account such as MailChimp, AWeber, Get Response or iContact. The cost for this is around $10/month. I'll need access to your account to integrate it with your new opt-in page.

3. Hosting Account (optional)

If you choose Package #2 you'll need to provide me with Admin access to your web hosting account and/or WordPress site. If you prefer to host your page on our website (e.g. www.booklaunchsite.com/yourname) then you can skip this step and go with Package #1.

4. Copy for the Page

You'll need to provide me with the name of your gift, a brief description, and 3-4 bullet points about the benefits they'll receive. I'll edit your copy to maximize the number of opt-ins you receive.

5. An Image of Your Gift

You'll need to create an image for your gift that I'll place on your opt-in page. If you don't have one yet, ask a designer on fiverr.com to create one for you.

6. Copy for Autoresponder

I'll help you with this but first you'll need to write draft copy for the email people get after they opt-in for your gift. You should also consider a series of 3-7 follow-up emails to build rapport with your new subscribers.

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Order Package #1 - $297 Order Package #2 - $397